For Men


What is it all about?
As tantric therapists, we constantly get asked whether our sessions are a “happy ending” or sensual massage. In short, the answer is “no”. Tantra and Tantric Therapy involves much more than the momentary thrill of a sensual massage with a quick “hand job” at the end to offer release. Tantric Therapy is a non-goal-orientated, non-judgmental, practice in which there is no expectation.
The aim is to help each client relax into and enjoy their sexuality, while making space for new ideas about sexuality to arise, slowly digging in and uprooting conventional conditioning with regards to sex, spirituality, sensuality, intimacy, relationships, and self.Tantra teaches us to do everything more consciously, and particularly make love more consciously. It helps us to break the habitual practice of quick masturbation and love making sessions, which end in a short burst of ejaculatory energy, and is often followed by tiredness and perhaps even a feeling of dissatisfaction within yourself and/or your partner.
In your Tantric Therapy session you will be taught to breathe deeply and fully, to stay relaxed while experiencing sexual stimulation, to spread the sexual energy throughout your body, and to harness and control your own ejaculation, making it possible to experience much more intense and satisfying orgasms.

Some specific cases in which Tantric Therapy can help are:
Premature ejaculation
Sexual performance anxiety
Emotional or stress related erectile dysfunction
Sexual trauma (it is advised that this be done in conjunction with psychotherapy)
Fear and anxiety in approaching a new partner
Intimacy problems
Lack of libido
Sexual addiction (it is advised that this be done in conjunction with psychotherapy)
Guilt surrounding sex and masturbation