The word Tantra roughly means to interweave. At Tantric Therapy, we believe very strongly in this concept and handle each client from a holistic point of view, helping them experience themselves as a whole, and also helping them to experience the interweaving with all that is. Tantric therapy can help to alleviate physical pain, emotional fear and guilt, emotionally based sexual dysfunction, intimacy problems in individuals and couples, bring healing to sexual trauma, and also help you become more fulfilled and personally empowered.  For session specific information please visit one of these links:For Women
For Men
For CouplesWhen the word Tantra is mentioned, many people immediately think only of Tantric sex, and so also assume that Tantric therapy is a sexual service.  Perhaps the idea arises that it is nothing more than a “happy ending” massage, cleverly called something else so as to disguise a sexual service.  It is true that Tantric Therapy will include your sexuality and that some sessions may include work on the genitals, but there is so much more to Tantric therapy than that.  For more information, please visit the links above or in the menu bar.